Monday, January 14, 2008

Body Worlds

Beginning on January 18th, Body Worlds is a chance to see the human body as never before!

From the Milwaukee Public Museum site, "Never before has an exhibition offered such an intimate look at the human body. More than 200 real human specimens -- whole bodies, healthy and diseased organs, body sections and slices -- present a one-of-a-kind anatomy and physiology lesson. See how your body's systems relate to one another and work in concert to help you function and survive. View firsthand how lifestyle choices impact your health and how muscles and joints work together while in motion, and during athletic performance."

View a short film here:

To supplement your visit, you can also see a movie on the Imax screen entitled, "The Human Body."

Body Worlds is a limited-engagement which runs through June 1st, 2008. Additionally, the Museum features many other permanent exhibits and temporary collections.

We will be visiting Body Worlds on January 21st! I will update this blog with our impressions after our visit.

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