Monday, January 21, 2008

SAVE $$$ @WalMart on 100's of Medications!

(Apologies to those who already know this...)

While this is not a "Wandering Wisconsin" trip today, I thought that is was important enough to mention in this blog.

In this time of rising health care costs and less actual insured coverage, our children's medications can become expensive, even when you have insurance coverage. While doing a bit of research on my daughter's medications yesterday, I discovered the $4.00 bargain prescriptions at WalMart.

WalMart offers over 350 prescription drugs at the price of $4.00 per 30 day supply. *NO* insurance is required to receive this price. This $4.00 cost is often even lower than an insurance/co-pay price.

Here is the complete listing of prescription medications that are available for $4.00:

If you have an existing prescription at another location, you can request via telephone to have WalMart transfer it to their pharmacy.

And those savings that you realize can be better spent on things like...Wandering Wisconsin with your Kids!


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