Thursday, January 17, 2008

Village Center - Summer Science Workshops

The Village Center of Waunakee has announced summer science youth enrichment camps!

For ages 6 - 12, the classes include:
These are week long science workshops and they will be held mid to late July. Please click on the links above for course descriptions, dates and time, and registration information.

My daughter and I have started reading (together and outloud) a 10-volume history series entitled, "The History of US." These books were written especially for children aged 8-12 by former educator, Joy Hakim. We are reading volume #1 entitled, "The First Americans."

It is FASCINATING. If history class had been this interesting, perhaps I would have stayed awake. The text contains many pictures, maps and graphs that nicely supplement the reading material.

While we are reading this set for fun, this would make a set of history texts for homeschooling. Take a look at MY FAVORITES on the sidebar...Volume #1 shown and the full set.

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