Thursday, February 7, 2008

Houdini Interactive Exhibit in Appleton


Do your children love magic? My daughter certainly does, and as a result, she loves all things Houdini.

The AKA Houdini interactive tour at the History Museum in Appleton is one of our very favorite adventures! Just as much fun for parents, as for the children.

Learn the tricks of the trade through these hands-on experiences:
  • Pick the locks on handcuffs
  • Balance a wand on your fingertip
  • Lift a "heavy" barbell
  • Experience a seance
  • How long can you stand the cold? experiment
  • Perform the Metamorphosis illusion
  • Escape from a straightjacket
  • Try to reduce your pulse
  • Attempt to perform a break from a jail cell
  • Find out the secret of the milk can escape trick
Admission: $5.00/Adults and $2.50/Children 5-17.
Location: 330 East College Avenue, Appleton

If the weather cooperates, take the walking tour around downtown Appleton to experience more Houdini sites of interest. See the site of Houdini's childhood home, places where he worked, lived and played, and other locations related to his lifelong interest in his hometown. Pick up a map at the Museum.

Find out more at the website here:

Read about the other exhibits and teaching resources on the website, too.

NOTE: Another nearby source of children's fun:
Fox Cities Children's Museum - 100 W College Avenue, Appleton

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