Thursday, February 28, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Visit

Ssssh, lest my daughter see this post, and it would ruin her annual FUN!

St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching, Parents. Two days till March and it's time to get a plan into place for the leprechauns to visit your home!

Would you like to make your children's St. Pat's Day ROCK? I have the plan laid out for you below...Last year, I actually marketed and sold, many of these "Leprechaun Visit Kits." The instructions were also utilized by several teachers to stage their own classroom visits.

Below I share my tips and secrets for staging a memorable leprechaun visit on St. Pat's Day. Your children will be delighted. Get busy!

  • 1 Leprechaun Hat
  • glitter – gold, silver and green
  • gold chocolate coins
  • 1 black kettle
  • 1 piece of crushed green velvet (fabric store)
  • 1 shoe print stamp (easily make your own)
  • 1 green washable ink stamp pad
  • plastic shamrock good luck coins
  • Green food coloring
  • Adapt "ingredients" as needed. You're only limited by your imagination!!!

Setting the stage prior to St. Patrick’s Day

1) A few days before, discuss St. Patrick’s Day with the children. Share stories and pictures of leprechauns.

2) Explain that leprechauns are wee people from Ireland. They like to do tricks and mischief in homes and classrooms. Tell them that the magical leprechauns are able to find gold at the end of rainbows and sometimes they share their gold.

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day

Make Leprechaun Mischief in your Home or in the classroom. Use any or all of the following ideas:

· Sprinkle glitter about the room

· Place the piece of green velvet fabric in a spot where the leprechaun could have caught his clothing. (in a window, in a door, etc.)

· Make leprechaun shoe prints along the chalkboard, on desktops, across student’s homework, etc.

· Make some shamrock cut-outs and place them around the room

· Turn things upside down and topsy-turvy: chairs, toys, books

· Switch everyday items (hang up shoes in the closet & place coats on the floor)

· Unravel the toilet paper

· Turn the toilet water green (1-2 drops of food coloring)

· Leave normally-closed things, open (windows, doors, cabinets, drawers, etc)

· Place the leprechaun hat in a non-obvious, hidden place for the children to discover.

· There’s no limit to the number of mischievous things that you can do. BE SILLY! At each place of mischief, place one of the green shamrock coins for the children to collect.

· Write the following on the chalkboard or a piece of paper:

Good Morning, Boys & Girls (or your children’s names at home):

I had a great time dancing and playing in your home/classroom last night! I’m sorry if I have made a mess of things. I seem to have misplaced my hat. Will you please find it and keep it for me? I’ll be back later to get it.

Your Friend – Lucky the Leprechaun

On St. Patrick’s Day morning

· St. Pat's is on a weekday this year! Celebrate the leprechaun visit at home/school on Monday, March 17th.

· Upon the children’s awakening at home or arrival at school, mention that some mysterious things have happened and let the children search out all of the mischief.

· At snack time or milk break, secretly change the children’s white milk to green milk with green food coloring.

· When the green hat is finally discovered, exclaim, “The Silly Leprechaun forgot his hat!” Remind the children that he will return to get his hat, as he mentioned in his note. Have the children pick a special spot in the room for Lucky’s hat.

· Have the children clean up the leprechaun’s mischief. (The excitement will no doubt turn to a little grumbling about “messy Lucky” at this point. J)

· A fun writing assignment would be to have the children write letters to Lucky, and leave them with the hat.

Later on St. Patrick’s Day – afternoon

(At lunch time/nap time/recess/or any extended absence by the children…)

· Remove the hat and the letters that the children left for Lucky – hide them away!

· In the now-empty spot, place the small black kettle that you have filled with the gold chocolate coins.

· Leave a trail of glitter behind…

· Also leave the following note for the children:

Dear Boys & Girls:

Thank you for finding my hat!

For helping me, I am sharing some of my gold with you.

See you next year!

Your friend – Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (in advance)!

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