Tuesday, February 5, 2008

VOTE! Wisconsin's Primary Election - February 19th

24 states head off to vote today on Super Tuesday. Many pollsters indicate that the nominees will not be determined in today's primaries, however. That means that your votes will be *still* be very important two weeks from today!

Wisconsin's primary election will be held on Tuesday, February 19th. This event is offers a fabulous teaching moment. So, when you cast your vote that day make sure to take your children along!

Prior to voting day, there are plenty of ways to teach your children about the electoral process.

On DVD for ages 8 & up:
  • All the President's Men - starring Robert Redford & Dustin Hoffman (intrigue)
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - starring Jimmy Stewart (humor)
I just watched this video from Nickelodeon with host, Linda Ellerbee. It explains the electoral process in a kid-friendly way, features many kid interviews, and gives a brief overview of the candidates. Run time = 20 minutes.

Watch the Video here:

The library has many election titles for children of all ages. I will be listing some of our favorites on the blog later today.

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