Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nature Net - Getting Back to Nature in Wisconsin with the Kids!

We have cabin fever!!! Daughter is inquiring, "When can we go LetterBoxing???" Hmm, perhaps after the 80+ inches of snow melts? I have outdoors on the brain and hence, today I am recommending that you subscribe to Nature Net News. (Someday we'll get outside again!)

Nature Net News is a monthly e-letter that features nature news, a Wisconsin park/site of the month, book selections and a nature craft. It is filled with tips and ideas for outdoor adventuring and learning with children. For example, March's issue is filled with information about Bird Watching.

Sign up here:

I have done the Nature Passport activity with my daughter, and I highly recommend it.
From the website:

"Wondering what to do with your children this summer? Are you looking for a family activity that costs nothing, has a variety of convenient locations, and is scheduled exactly when you want it? Do you enjoy the thrill of discovery and the fresh air? Then, put on your adventurer's hat, get your eyes, ears, hands and nose ready for exploring, and begin your Nature Passport journey! Nature Passport is an outdoor self-guided family program at various environmental education sites throughout Dane County. The Summer version is generally available Memorial Day through Labor Day."

More info on Nature Passport here:

General information about Nature Net, "the Educational Learning Network here:

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