Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wisconsin Film Festival Tickets on Sale Today, 3/8

Wisconsin Film Festival
April 3-6

Tickets go on sale at noon today at the website:

What is the Wisconsin Film Festival, you may ask?

"Founded in 1999, the Wisconsin Film Festival is the state’s premier film festival, in the heart of Madison, our capital city.

This four-day annual festival takes place each spring in ten downtown Madison theaters, all within walking distance. The Festival presents new American independent and world cinema (narrative, documentary, shorts, experimental), restored classics, and the work of Wisconsin filmmakers. Over 150 films and an attendance getting close to 30,000 make this a lively event that’s become a major part of our state’s cultural calendar."

The festival runs from April 3rd - 6th.

For older children, these 2 films look interesting:

Girls Rock
"At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, teens learn to play a little bass guitar, keep rhythm on the drum kit, scream, shout, pump their fists in the air, and be okay with who they are. In the process of learning how to write rap with a partner or play with a group, girls change their perception of what they can do, navigate the sometimes perilous path toward social acceptance, and work to overcome their inner and outer obstacles…and rock out. A hugely entertaining documentary with genuinely appealing story, Girls Rock! is a must-have ticket for anyone who knows a teenage girl — bring them! — or was ever one herself." - quoted from the website

"One you make a balloon dog, you can do anything. That’s what the subjects of this documentary say, the amateur and professional balloon twisters who have come together at one of their jovial annual conventions to swap ideas and make competition balloon sculptures. There are twisters who specialize in Gospel twisting, some who have mastered the art of the anatomically approximate naughty balloons. A festival blurb like this really should speak profoundly about their sense of purpose and camaraderie, and it’s true that the featured twisters in the film are genuinely compelling, especially Vera, who grew up in a trailer park and discovered professional balloon-twisting as a way to get off welfare and put herself through college. But what’s amazing, what’s really amazing, are the incredible sculptures, tricks, giant floats, and other clever things you can do with a balloon. It defies explanation how utterly entertaining this is. 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival." - quoted from the website

We are off to the Wonder of Physics show today!

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-april said...

Thanks for posting a plug for Girls Rock! It's a great movie and an important film for women and girls to see. Empowering! If you like the movie, definitely checkout the book when it publishes in June. It's like Rock Camp in a book!: