Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Public Service Announcement

Last week, I asked a friend of mine, if she ever let her 3rd & 4th grade boys sit in the front seat of her car. She answered that she did "every once in awhile."

I now have a little bit of recent experience that qualifies me to give today's public service announcement. My 8 year old daughter and I were in a car accident two days ago. Daughter was in backseat - seatbelted - on the passenger side. My driver's airbag inflated upon impact.

Daughter was shaken but had not a scratch nor a bruise on her. Several EMS workers and doctor's commented that her position in the car was the absolute BEST place for her to be in the accident.

I bear the bruises and injuries from the airbag and it feels as if I hit a brick wall. I cannot even (and don't want to) imagine how daughter would have fared had she been in the front passenger seat, and been smacked by the airbag.

Bottom line: If your child is under 12, keep them - seat belted - in the back seat of your car. Though it would be really cool to be able to talk to daughter in the front seat, I know that she's safest in the back..and that is way "cooler."

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