Sunday, May 18, 2008

Door County Lighthouse Walk Weekend

Door County's Cana Island

We have just returned from the annual Lighthouse Walk weekend in Door County. Next year, you MUST go there! It was a blast. We were able to take in 4 of the 5 lighthouses that were open to the public.

Best part of the trip: Going INSIDE of the Cana Island Lighthouse pictured above...climbing the 96 steps and venturing out onto the catwalk. Here's a video from the top of the world featuring daughter and friend.

Information on next year's Lighthouse Walk can be obtained here:

We combined our lighthouse walk with a bit of letterboxing. We located the Sherwood Point Lighthouse letterbox #2, also! You can combine letterboxing with ANY trip that you take away from home. START TODAY!!! We also learned the definition of "azimuth" while locating the box. Great learning opportunities abound.

Just for fun...take a look at the clues for this letterbox.

P.S. What a view from the tower!

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