Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Amerricka - Marshall, WI - GO there!

We have wanted to visit Little Amerricka in Marshall, Wisconsin, for many summers, but haven't gotten around to it. Today, we went and daughter & fellow 9-year old friend had a BLAST! Zowie, you MUST take your child to Little Amerricka post-haste! It is open daily now through Labor Day. Following the holiday weekend, it is open weekends in September, and then closes for the season.

Picture Great America, only closer, smaller, cheaper, and with nicer people.

The wristbands are sold by a child's height. Basically, the taller your child, the more rides they can ride on. With two tall 9-year-olds, we went with the Blue Pass. For $15.95, the girls were able to ride 23 different amusement rides ALL DAY. All day = Noon to 6pm.

Summary of pricing structure:

Pink Pass - $9.95 - 15 rides & attractions = Riders under 36" tall

Green Pass - $11.95 - 18 rides & attractions = Riders 36" to 42" tall

Blue Pass - $15.95 - 23 rides & attractions = Riders 42" tall & above (some rides require additional inches) See here:

Gold Pass - $19.95 - includes gokarts - must be 56" tall to drive

The Meteor is a new wooden rollercoaster and it is Fan-Freaking-Tastic! One visitor rode the Meteor 38 times in one day!!!

Also, VERY popular with the girlies today were the bumper boats, the Swiss Toboggan, and the tilt-a-whirl. With a short lunch break, they were able to ride for 3 straight hours, and hit every ride, and many more than one time.

Speaking of lunch time...I recommend bringing your own lunch. Many veteran families sported picnic baskets upon the Little Amerricka picnic tables. While the prices are (very) reasonable at the one (busy) concession stand, the quality is not great. Hot dogs & hamburgers were a reasonable $2.25 each, but weren't exactly gastronomic pleasures to the palate. The food did fill a hole and enabled the girls to keep riding though.

Having been to many county fairs, I was a little concerned about what the "carnies" (carnival workers) might be like at this amusement park. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout...Carnies at our local fairs tend to be a sordid group of chain-smoking, greasy, tattooed, tooth-challenged lot of felons. I'm very happy to report that the people at Little Amerricka were very, very friendly, helpful and patient. They truly seemed to care about the kids' enjoyment and were extremely personable.

Little Amerricka has created a wonderful little spot of entertainment heaven for the family. The prices are reasonable, the rides are thrilling, and the staff is friendly. Their motto is "only 20 smiles from Madison..." so GET THERE!!!


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