Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween Happenings at the Wisconsin Historical Museum

It's never too early to start planning for my favorite holiday...Halloweeeeeeeeen! Last year we held an entirely cool Halloween party complete with haunted garage. This year we will be making a week long event of the holiday. I will be listing some area events to assist you with your all hallows plans.

Here are some events happening at the Wisconsin Historical Museum 10/28 - 10/31. Loads of Houdini movies! (No school on 10/30 - 10/31 in Waunakee!)

Tuesday, October 28th

History Sandwiched In 12:15pm

“Horribly Odd Wisconsin

Join author Erika Janik as she shares some of creepy characters, bizarre events, and scary stories from Wisconsin’s past. A book signing will follow the presentation. Please help us support our museum programs. Suggested program donation of $2.00/person.

Movie 2pm Haldane of the Secret Service

85 minutes

In his final film as an actor, Houdini stars as Heath Haldane, and undercover operative assigned to infiltrate a band of counterfeiters within the dark alleys of New York’s Chinatown.

Kids Arts and Crafts drop in activity Wednesday- Friday, October 29th-31st

10-3pm daily

Kids will be able to make their own spooky masks and design a tombstone.

Colorful Characters of Wisconsin’s

Past Wednesday- Friday, October 29th-31st 10-3pm daily

and Thursday, October 30th from 4-7pm

New in 2008! Costumed interpreters will bring to life the stories peculiar and interesting people from Wisconsin’s past such as: Jane the Mysterious Woman of the Woods, Alexis St. Martin the Voyageur with the Hole in His Side, and Mary Hayes the Chynoweth-Psychic Healer.

Wednesday, October 29th

Movie 12pm, 2pm The Man From Beyond

67 minutes

The flagship effort of Houdini’s production company reflects his growing fascination with life after death. Houdini starts as Howard Hilary, a man frozen in the artic, who returns to civilization 100 years later to reclaim the love of his life, reincarnated in the body of a young woman. The film boasts a series of thrilling escapes and feats of physical agility, and climaxes with a breathtaking rescue above Niagara Falls.

Thursday, October 30th

Movie 12pm, 2pm, & 5pm Terror Island 55 minutes

This movie was by far Houdini’s most lavish production. In it he stars as a swashbuckling inventor who steers his high-tech submarine to a forbidden isle to rescue the father of the woman he loves.

Friday, October 31st

Movie 12pm-4pm The Master Mystery

238 minutes

In this action-packed serial, government agent Quentin Locke (Houdini) infiltrates a corrupt patents company, only to run into the gleaming terror of it robot protector, the Automaton. In order to save the beautiful Eva Brent (Marguerite Marsh) and find a cure for the dreadful Madagascar Madness, Locke suffers an inhuman array of tortures and physical restraints. He is chained, tied with barbed wire, padlocked in a crate and thrown in the water, tied beneath a descending elevator, strapped to an electric chair, and bound in an elaborate Oriental torture chamber.

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