Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tongue Twister Contest at Burlington's Top Museum

One of our favorite museums has some FUN events coming up. All are held at the Burlington Spinning Top Museum/Logic Puzzle Museum.

On, November 8th, it's the 7th Annual International Tongue Twister Contest.

"How many can you say in less than 10 seconds? Classic and modern phrases to twist contestant's tongues. Age divisions, and great prizes such as a portion of "a peck of pickled peppers," and other tongue twister objects like a "toy boat" or a "yellow yo-yo" or "a spinning store top!"

More info here:

The weekends of November 8-9 and 15-16, there is the whatchamacallits contest.
An odd and funny hands-on annual "museum" puzzling event & experience with more than 150 curiosities and whatchamacallits for you to browse through and touch, trying to figure out what they are. Clues are posted for some of the gizzmos, gadgets, devices, and strange antiques, the clues may help or may not. Antiques, toys, tools, thingamajigs, parts & pieces, and even some things we don't know!

Burlington is located 1 1/2 hours from Madison, near Lake Geneva.

If you would like to explore the Spinning Top Museum and the Logic Puzzle Museums, an appointment is necessary at this time of the year.

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Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum:

Logic Puzzle Museum:

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