Friday, February 27, 2009

Maple Syrup Festival at Aldo Leopold

Maple Syrup Fest - Aldo Leopold Nature Center



March 29, 2009
Monona Campus


(children and adults) or $20/family

(children and adults) or $25/family

Proceeds to benefit the Nature Center's children's programs. Advance registration is recommended.


608-221-4038 or
Public Program Registration

The Aldo Leopold Nature Center invites the public to celebrate spring at MAPLE SYRUP FEST -- a family-style festival at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

This year's Maple Syrup Fest will feature ten stations set throughout the Nature Center grounds that will lead visitors, at their own pace, through the history of maple syruping and related craft and activities. Naturalists will tap the maple trees on the Nature Center grounds and collect sap in buckets to make the syrup. See the sap boil over a roaring fire as it concentrates into "liquid gold". When the sap is boiled, the sap's naturally occurring water evaporates as steam, leaving the sap and its sweetness to concentrate into maple syrup.
  • Tap and Taste real MapleTree Sap
  • Test your "Nature Smarts" with Maple Syrup Trivia
  • Increase your Knowledge of Trees with "Build-A-Tree" Game!
  • Learn from a Real "Tapper" how Maple Syrup is made Today and the Old-Fashioned Way!
  • Tour the Rustic Children's Shack
  • Take part in Cooking Demonstrations with Early Pioneer Settler Women
  • Enjoy Ice Cream Sundaes topped with Pure Maple Syrup!

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