Friday, April 10, 2009

Glenwood Children's Park - Madison, WI

GLENWOOD CHILDREN'S PARK - 602 Glenwood Street, Madison, WI

Upon the recommendation of a friend, my daughter and I visited the Glenwood Children's Park last week. World famous architect Jens Jensen created this park in 1949 "for children to enjoy nature at its best." It is a Madison historic landmark.

We climbed on ginormous logs, explored a spooky tunnel, built forts, and picnicked within a council ring of large stones.

Most children today have nature-deficit and spend very little time outdoors. Child psychologists, educators, and even Congress are now touting the idea of "No child left indoors." I too encourage you to take your children to this park to enjoy nature at its best.

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"As you witness the touch of His hand in the wonders of nature you too will feel closer to God." - quote from park marker

P.S. As an added bonus, we hid a letterbox for all of you letterboxers to find!
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