Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UW Space Place - Planet Trek - Bike event & Solar System exploration

Saturday, June 20
9AM – 12PM
Bring your bike or walking shoes and take a free guided tour of our solar system! Planet Trek is an at-scale model of our solar system installed by UW Space Place. Your journey will begin at "The Sun," located outside Monona Terrace in Law Park, and end 23 miles down Military Ridge Trail in Mt. Horeb, home of "Pluto." Tours will leave the Monona Terrace Exhibition Hall every half hour. Leave the tour whenever you like, or take it at your own pace. (Traveling beyond Saturn will require a trail pass and can be purchased on-site.) While you wait for your journey to begin, take in the stunning exhibit, "From Earth to the Universe," in the Exhibition Hall. Over 40 amazing images will be on display including exploding stars. See what happens when two galaxies collide!

This Planet Trek installation is available through October. For a COOL map of the route and for more information visit:

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