Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Tree Farm - Madison Area's Best Veggies

The Tree Farm

Apologies in advance: Today's blog is going to read like a commercial, or at least like a testimonial.

To our family, summer equals fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables means trips to The Tree Farm to pick our own fresh vegetables.

Now, you can buy vegetables from your local farm market, but is it really fresh? Was it really grown locally? There's no question of harvest time or date at the Tree Farm. As their motto states, "When you pick it, you know it's fresh!"

The Tree Farm opened for the season on Saturday, June 27th. On that day, my daughter and I picked garden snap peas. Chris, the owner, encourages "quality control" while picking peas. Hannah sampled plenty and after inhaling several, pronounced them "delicious."

Prices are incredibly reasonable! Sugar snaps peas at Brennan's on the same date were $3.99/pound. Freshly picked at the Tree Farm were $1.95/pound.

For people in the know, picking vegetables at The Tree Farm is an annual tradition. Hard-working employee, Susan, told me that there weren't any garden peas left to pick that date, because they had all been picked already. It seems that a local family's tradition is to pick garden peas on opening day. Three generations join together for this bonding activity.

We are still awaiting the arrival of our favorite vegetable, which is kohlrabi. Chris sells human-head-sized kohlrabi for the incredibly low price of 49 cents EACH! Steamed kohlrabi tastes like a sweeter cauliflower.

In the fall, picking ears of blue, red, and calico popcorn is mandatory! Yummy stuff and you'll leave Orville Redenbacher's "packing peanut-like popcorn" behind!

When you arrive at the Tree Farm, stop at the top of the hill, and grab a map. This sheet will inform you as to what's ripe, pricing, and a map to each veggie's location. Have questions about anything at the Farm? Chris or Susan are more than happy to assist customers.

If you visit, check the website to see what's ready to be picked. It is updated daily.

Hours: Open Wed, Thurs, Fri 9-12 and 4-8 Sat and Sun 9-5

In Northwestern Dane County, Wisconsin, serving Madison and the surrounding area.
8454 Highway 19
Cross Plains, WI 53528


(From Waunakee, just past Indian Lake on the right hand side.)

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